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"it's sooooo unfair" - getting older

Well. Here we are. Another work anniversary. HARBOUR turned 13 on 27th May. It's been a lot of hard work, but definitely with more smiles and laughter than tears and gnashing of teeth along the way (although with a financial crash and a pandemic to ride through in those 13 years it's fair enough to say it's been a little roller-coastery at times).

Still - we stand today at 41 people and are as proud of the history behind us as we are excited by our teenage potential. We have an impressive number of companies who have been with us for a large part of the journey, but whether we've worked together for years or you're new to us, whether you're a global business in the finance sector or a charity doing brilliant work, one of the UKs largest retailers or a local housing association, a private healthcare / residential care provider or a local authority - our passion to deliver the best candidate and client experience is the same. That's our Dare to Care.

We look forward to when we can all get back together to truly celebrate in style - but for the moment we had to make do with a modest and appropriately socially distanced celebration with those who have returned to the office whilst video calling in other HARBOURites. Unfortunately for them that meant they didn't get to taste the stunning cake that Sian (one of the CP Team) had made for us. It really did taste every bit as good as it looked as a riot of colour and joy - very on brand :) 

So thanks everyone who's been on the journey with us so far - and here's to building many more happy memories and great user centric solutions. 


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