Famous for 15 minutes

We care about technology-enhanced human systems. So we thought we would share regular thoughts and opinions about why we think they matter so much.

Going public

Over the years we've described ourselves as something like industry ninjas. We're really very good at what we do, but whilst it's not that we've actively shunned promoting ourselves, we've also certainly not sought out publicity and never done any marketing. Kinda been busy delighting clients and building awesome solutions.

For those who know us or who have worked with us then the results speak for themselves - but we've never been the type of people to shout things from the roof top. There's more than enough noise, BS and half-baked-pretenders in the market. That's not changing, we're still who we are, but we had the opportunity to do a little promotion at an event and thought, hell, why not let people know who we are and what we're about (produced by Groundbreak Productions from a concept worked up by Nick Ball )

We hope you like. We do. :)

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