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Changing contracts and redeployment – stepping up and smoothing process in a stressful enough world.

March 2020 will go down in history as one of those times when everything changed. We all changed our outlook, questioned our values and realised that caring for others is an intrinsic part of what makes us human. Every business has been affected, and many of us has had to change the way we work and where we work. Both of which have been challenging, but not life-changing.

But for many other people, the last six months has brought about changes that have created fear, anxiety and, for some, even despair. Delivering what we do with care at the core helps us create technological solutions that deliver business efficiency with people empathy.

We’ve worked with New Look for 8 years. The relationship we have with them has seen us create award-winning and industry-leading solutions that have made candidates lives easier, allowed the business to be more productive and changed reliance on paper to efficiency on screen.

But like any great relationship, we are there for the good times and the bad. For better or worse if you like. And when the worst happened, New Look, like every other high street retailer, saw the doors closing and their future planning was thrown out of the window. 

Our ATS has been many things over the last 13 years. Entry level, award-winning, safety critical and time-saving to name but a few. For New Look, it came into its own as  a change of contract and redeployment portal that was legally correct, morally sound and human centric.

Our solution was simple to use, easy to manage, massively scalable and transparent to audit. It helped thousands of people know where they stood. And it’s helped New Look help ensure thousands of people could get back to work in the most timely way possible. Our system also featured a redeployment aspect that made sure any opportunities would be seen by existing staff first. In these tough trading times New Look were passionate not only about sustaining the business, but also in doing right by their people.

Change is a constant we all face. In the challenging world of today, much of it is out of our control. But some is in our control. We’ve built HARBOUR to be totally adaptable to any of today’s life-impacting changes. And we create, design and build every system with care for the user as the constant.

So in these uncertain times, where cuts can can all too easily appear as short-sightedly callous, and changes can be corporately overwhelming in terms of administrating, if you’d like to talk to us about the detail behind New Look’s change of contract and redeployment portal, or how we could help you manage the challenge of change in your organisation, we’d love to chat.


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