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A game of “House” – No, not the lockdown kind…

Whilst we continue to find ourselves working remotely and adapting to life of working from home, social interaction seems to be in limited supply for most. In our last blog post, we mentioned our ‘Drink at the HARBOUR Arms’… Safe to say it’s been a hit and has continued to evolve over the weeks of lockdown.

Last Friday, we had a good old fashioned game of BINGO – something that anyone and everyone can participate in…or so we thought!

Having explained the concept of the game and getting everyone started, our fellow colleagues advised that this game appears to only be for the skilled whilst struggling to keep up with the marking off of numbers – it turns out, people aren’t aware of the layout of bingo cards.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the cards are made up of columns, of which each column correlates to ‘10’ numbers – and after that bit of explanation, the game got going.

First round was for 1 line, just over half the numbers were called before we reached our first winner of the day – Rob Cross, one of our Client Partners.

Following on from round 1, the second round was for 2 lines, a good number of numbers called before our second winner – Becky Lockwood, a member of the Projects Team.

Then the final round, the ‘Full House’ – after completing what felt like an extremely long game, our final winner of the day called – Tom Davies, one of our Wales based Developers.

All in all, a good split of winners!

At this week’s HARBOUR Arms, we’ve got a Quiz, featuring a bonus round on ‘HARBOUR Clients’.

Check in with us next week to see how the HARBOUR’ites get on, and even have a go at the quiz yourself!

Blog post by Becky :)

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