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Keeping things ticking along - and some stepping up

Anyone else kinda done with this already?

Having personally self-isolated for about a week before we were all sent into lockdown then perhaps I'm slightly ahead of the curve, but equally I know that my home situation (with a decent sized garden) and the ability to work remotely means I'm actually one of the fortunate ones. So, in all honesty, as we take each day as it comes, I'm also very much counting my blessings. 

From a company perspective we're also pretty fortunate that we can, after a little jiggery pokery with phone bounces and some (particularly support team) process tweaks, carry on "as per". We've worked hard to ensure that people are as comfortably set up as they can be at home (several weeks of sitting on a sofa looking at a laptop isn't going to do anyone's musculoskeletal system any good) and the SLT are working over-time (literally as well as figuratively) ensuring we're hyper-communicating with all our HARBOURites. Gotta be honest: it's pretty exhausting, but 100% worth it.

And on Friday we hosted our first "drink at the HARBOUR Arms", where about 3/4 of the company got together as a virtual social gathering. Really looking forward to seeing how that evolves, next week we're going to see about instigating some group games or suchlike - who knows, maybe it'll be something that'll stick when we come out the other side and formally replace Friday's "beer o'clock" tradition that was generally observed at people's desks. 

So as we step into whatever a new "normal" is, and waiting to see what we see in terms of whatever that means for our respective clients and their ATS and SaaS needs, we're still finishing off some exciting things that I'll make sure to stop by and update you on. But we've also had a couple of things come at us at pace that are very much Covid-19 related. 

With a fair representation of Care and Healthcare Sector clients on our books, there's quite a lot of activity there to help with. And with CareUK in particular, they've instigated a Volunteer Registration scheme to try and help ensure some of the most vulnerable in our society stay safe and well : Volunteer Registration. Within 24hours we had an entirely new aspect and associated workflow in the back-end of HARBOUR, together with signposting across the CareUK Careers site. 


And as a final note : these are exceptionally challenging times we're living through, and we'll of course come through it one way or another, but now, more than ever, is a time for people to pull together. And for us that means ensuring we're living our Dare to Care. So if there's anything we can do for you - just ask. And if it's in our power then we'll do all we can.


Stay safe. Be Kind. Try and keep smiling and search hard for those silver linings :)