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A RADical start to 2020

As the January wet weather hung around and we moved beyond Blue Monday, a couple of us had the opportunity to doll up and attend the RADawards on 30th January. In an industry that has changed almost beyond recognition over recent years, the RAD Awards are a favourite perennial, this year celebrating their 30th anniversary in glorious technicolour. And with a background in Recruitmnent Advertising myself, I've always enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate some great creativity and highly effective executions when given the chance.

As a pure play software company there's not many categories that might align to what we do - even where we host a client's entire careers site then the design and content is very much from someone else, certainly initially. But as we proved 2 years ago when we scooped our first major award on behalf of Greater Anglia for Best Candidate Experience, there are some categories where how things "hold together" and generating "results / outcomes that you simply can't ignore" can get the ultimate accolade of peer recognition. 

We took a punt on this being the case in the Best Use of Technology category this year, because although there's always a risk that a panel can be swayed by "shiny for the sake of shiny" / "tech because we can", we hoped there would be enough people who would be able to see things for what they are - and true and tangible results might win the day. And what results we had to show.

The work we submitted was what we termed as the Retail Manager Portal - but in truth it was an amalgam of elements that came together at just the right time, but all building out from the work we'd been doing with New Look for approaching 7 years now. You can read the full submission below (embedded behind the first image), but whilst every accolade for any work we do is appreciated, this, we felt, really summed up what we at HARBOUR do best : working with clients in a truly collabrorative way, delivering solutions and results that stand out and truly make a difference.

Or as it was summed it up on the night "Judges praised the retailer’s 'excellent use of tech' and the way it allowed managers to gain real visibility of the hiring process and improved time to hire."


click in the image above to view the winning entry