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LVing a new launch for Allianz

Just over 4 years ago we were absolutely made up to be launching a double system for Legal & General and Legal & General Investment Management. It was certainly the kind of project that pushed us to deliver at our best - with the key client contact commenting at the time "I honestly don't believe any other ATS could have delivered what you have for us". 

Anyway - fast forward 4 years and L&G have sold off a part of the business to an Allianz and LV venture (you can read the details here : L&G - Allianz ), but the sale required some of the central functions to be run and maintained by L&G for a 12 month period - which meant they required a spin off HARBOUR system that mirrored exactly the L&G process, but became Allianz's and fed into a mixed front-end execution where 3 ATS became 1 that was branded LV (with a little help and guidance from ThirtyThree). Simples right ;) Oh - and in pretty quick time too. 

We're really proud of the outcome - all delivered with real challenges for the 3 way client team trying to bring 3 businesses into 1 with a process 2 of them had to get to know and an ATS they were new to  - but we, as always, did everything we could to be flex and build the best solution, whilst ensuring that nothing was comprimised by way of quality and the imovable go live date of 1st January was hit. 


We truly look forward to working with the various teams over the coming months :-D





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