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Forum 2019 : Thank you Bristol - you were marvellous

Wednesday 6th saw about 40 HARBOUR clients converge on the Harbour Hotel in Bristol (well - having done a bit of a rebrand earlier this year then the name match was a no-brainer, although the venue itself proved itself to be a great choice for so many other reasons (sausage rolls included!)). 

The Forum has always been a great opportunity for our clients to share experiences and network with each other, as well as us sharing our experiences, opinions and "where next" thoughts, and this Forum was no different. Over the coming weeks I've promised to turn some of the elements we covered off in our day into posts - as well as ensuring that we email summaries to our clients directly - so watch this space. But the agenda looked a little something, well.. exactly something... like this: 

Part 1

  • Icebreaker
  • Our why [our rebrand and where that came from]
  • Looking back [2018/19 @ HARBOUR] 
  • Our changing faces [tailored views for particular user audiences]
  • Stella Support [the key support team update]
  • Loves, Likes & Niggles [open sharing]

Part 2

  • Insights [being all the more proactive in our regular reviews - inc. a new consultancy approach]
  • Contractors [ir35 - why you probably need to care and how HARBOUR might help]
  • To parse or not to parse [a journey of discovery - and some interesting learns]
  • Making waves with HARBOUR [what we've been playing with and are working to] 

So more of that over the coming weeks, but of course if there's anything there that you can't wait to hear about then please do just drop us a line.

But something that struck me as our attendees came in - two of the things we pride ourselves on is our personal approach married with a keen interest in creating innovative / agile technical solutions. And there on the screen that took up the front of the great hall was surely the exact embodiment of that - one of the dev team had knocked up a display where there were head shots from all of our team, and then as people turned up we took a photo and, together with some basic details, uploaded it to the facility that had been built and hey presto - a dynamic moving montage of who we are and who was there for the day. Very cool IMHO. 


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