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We care about technology-enhanced human systems. So we thought we would share regular thoughts and opinions about why we think they matter so much.

Forum an orderly queue - we're off to Brizzle

11 years ago we came into being.

8 years ago we moved into our first formal office space with our name on the door (as a laminated printout held on with blu tak ;) .

7 years ago we wondered if some of our clients might be interested in getting together to share thoughts and help us direct how we might shape the business and our products. If memory serves we had about 25-30 people turn up to a conference room in Solihull. And so the HARBOUR Forum was born.

We've had one every year since - several in Reading, one in Cardiff, and last year we managed to persuade a number of our clients to make the schlep all the way out to Colchester (well - we did have a nice new office to show off :). 

This year the HARBOUR team are back in "roadshow mode" and we're heading to Bristol - and we thought we'd see if there would be any interest to any non HARBOUR clients to come and mingle, share ideas and maybe a drink or two (we're not going home that night - so if you don't need to shoot off then don't). Oh - and if you're not booked up that day and sitting on the fence, then we kinda have a tradition of giving out the most delicious brownies you'll ever have had (Gower Cottage Brownies) - so don't go getting splinters, come say 'hi', and even if you're not in the market for an ATS right now it's always nice to meet people who might one day. 

When: Wednesday 6th November - from 12 'til about 4:30pm (as well as later)

Where: Central Bristol

How to get on the list? Email Alex@3dmarcomms.com or Ben@3dmarcomms.com




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