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More than a passing ir35-ritation - you got it sorted?

"IR35 is a word used to describe two sets of tax legislation that are designed to combat tax avoidance by workers, and the firms hiring them, who are supplying their services to clients via an intermediary, such as a limited company, but who would be an employee if the intermediary was not used."

Well - that's enough of the public service broadcasting. I borrowed that from this site that seemed to have a good handle on it, so no point trying to reinvent the wheel - and I'm guessing most people who might happen across this blog probably know plenty about what it is. The question is though - what have you got in place to keep tabs on this going forward?

I don't think I'm speaking out of turn to say that there's probably a LOT of businesses out there that would seem to be sleepwalking into this, and that's gonna make it something of a challenge for them in 2020. It's just that all too often it seems to fall somewhere between different departments - and in these days of strapped budgets then it's understandable why everyone's waiting for someone else to step forward and own this particular hot potato. It goes a little something like this:

- Contractors do kind of get recruited, or often at least the request for the head(s) goes through the auth process. And many times the agencies are the same as those engaged by the reqcruitment team. So it's a Recruitment / Resourcing / Talent Team responsibilty - right?

- Contractors come in many different forms, and because they're invoicing regularly it needs people set up as suppliers interaction - which is simply Finance - yes?

- But they're people working in your business, so often they'll need at least an element of OnBoarding, and certainly as a business you'll need to ensure they are aware of all the key policies and procedures that underpin a safe and effective workplace. Great - so step forward HR - no?

TBH, the truth is that if it's not clear within your business who "owns" this and you work within one of those departments, then probably best you get a little proactive. Not only because it's a headache that the business needs solved and you could be the person to swoop in and take the glory, but let's face it, there's also an element where you don't want to be getting this dropped on your lap as a standing start come January and not really having the first idea what this is all about. 

But there's good news. Or at least there is if you're a HARBOUR client ;) . We've been working with a number of our clients on getting ahead of the curve in this regard.

If you are one of our clients then you quite probably already know of the all-singing-all-dancing Associate management facility that we established a few years back for Deloitte - but although that's right for them, it probably isn't for you. And that's the beauty of HARBOUR. We ain't gonna force a new system or high spec'd module down your throat as part of some up-sell target we've set our Client Partners - we can look at what you need, show you what's working for others and give you options. Be they modest workarounds (HARBOUR is such a flexible system it might well just be a new workflow that'll do the job) or something a little more sophisticated that might include:

  • Contractor specific authorisation workflows;
  • Distinct HR / Finance / Facilities comms on engagement confirmation;
  • Anniversary flags and associated alerts to LMs and HR / Recruitment;
  • Distinct re-engagement sign-off processes;
  • Offboarding / termination of engagement accomodation;
  • Distinct MI.

So do get in touch if you have any questions - but if just one person reads this and gets themselves a little ahead of the game after a friendly tap on the bottom with a HARBOUR boot, then we're happy with that.





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