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Legally speaking - this is a much better execution

We started working with Trowers & Hamlins (th) back in 2017. It was our first law firm to work with (to be blunt, the candidate experience may be woeful across the sector, but there's a couple of ATS players who have really got themselves imbedded, and the appetite for change is... well... not really there it would seem. For now at least). However the team at th really fancied changing it up. Dull and "just about good enough - because it's the same as everyone else" wasn't how they wanted the firm to be seen by potential applicants.

We went live with a pretty basic facility initially, and with their existing site design. It was in-keeping with the site execution, but in the background th were due to embark on working on a fresh face. Fast forward to a couple of months back (I know, I know, sorry - I'm catching up on this 'ere blogging lark) and th launched a new look website which we (as ever with the most seemless and slick integrations to provide the smoothest of employer brand experiences for applicants - even when the original site was... errrr... somewhat "dated") were able to follow suit with our elements. Now the job search and apply is beautifuly slick and shiny as befits a top law firm of th's standing. 

But it's better than that.

We also got the opportunity to put in place our OnBoarding facility. Don't get me wrong, it's great when you get to work with a client who, from the off, goes for the full monty as it were - vacancy auth through to OnBoarding and plenty of bells and whistles in between - but there's also something nice about working with a client who starts off modestly and then increases the sophistication and reach of their HARBOUR solution as their confidence grows and the business case for doing more pretty much builds itself.

Apart from having what we believe to now be truly one of if not the best online New Starter experiences in the legal sector, it's a facility that will grow with them as they plug in appropriate rich content generated across the business. And particularly when it's time for the Grad intake to have a dedicated experience built for their journey into the business. Oh - and it also plugs into their HRMS, so it's made significant efficiency strides too.

So it's win for job seekers, win for new starters and win for business efficiency. Definitely winning in recruitment from this legal standpoint.





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