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We Dare to Care - a new dawn

We started this business over a decade ago with a clear vision. We understood the ATS market well enough to see that most companies were selling the bare minimum to tick the box. Web-based systems that were simply an abstraction over the old green-screen terminal POS systems that you find in warehouses. Basic data entry systems that considered the data first, and the user last. We looked at the software these customers were plodding along with, and we knew we could fix that. We created our business with the plan to do one single thing better than the rest - we decided to care about the user. We became 3D MarComms.

Many of you will know us by this name, 3D MarComms, but I doubt many of you know what it means. We spent a lot of time coming up with the name - what are the "Three D's of Marketing and Communication", you might ask? It's a good question, and if you were the curious type you might have spent a while digging through our website to try and find out.

The thing is - we moved on quickly from naming our company to naming our product. We wanted to build something that demonstrated our passion to put the user first - and to give them a safe environment away from the noise and mess of traditional cluttered interfaces.

So, we built HARBOUR.

By now, we had a company and we had a product - an Applicant Tracking System. Nice and simple. Our clients were going to be those users that were unhappy with the software they had for interviewing and hiring candidates and wanted something better. Something that added value to their working life. Something that made them more efficient.

It worked well. We spent time with our clients - understanding how they currently worked and figuring out their frustrations and challenges, then tailoring their version of our core product to fit just right for them. Our product was never just one thing. It always embodied our vision from the start of caring about our clients first. Taking our time to shape and create the best solution for them. Our company vision became the product. HARBOUR represented us.

So that's why today, I'm proud to announce that we're evolving the company name in favour of our product name.

Our journey has taken us to a place in the last decade where we've poured our vision and passion into one thing. Recently we took a closer look at that thing, and we saw ourselves - completely. We hadn't just built an ATS, we'd built a full-service solution. This isn't to say that we're done - our product is still 100% focused on solving the challenges our clients face - be that travel booking, on-boarding experiences, hiring manager portals and much, much more.

We stopped being a company that sells an interviewing and hiring product on the day we met our first client. Because we care about creating solutions to the challenges our clients face.


We are HARBOUR. And we dare to care.


Tony McNulty (CTO & Founder)

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