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Retail Recruitment - a relationship beautifully aged but now with added layers of vitality

Way, way, way back, we built a facility for Majestic Wine. Now this is further back than even this history of this 'ere company - during Tony & my time in Recruitment Advertising land. Anyway - that system needed replacing and we got asked to do that, which was of course great. Fast forward a couple of years and in went Contracts and OnBoarding and an integration with Resourcelink - their HRMS. Major wins in terms of time / resource saved and massive up-levelling of candidate experience. But this was only for central and senior roles. 

Fast forward to today, and we've just deployed an all singing and dancing Retail Managers Portal enhancement to the system that gives Managers the tools they need at their finger tips to advertise, process and OnBoard applicants for themselves. 

This is a relationship that has truly been maturing over the years, at its own pace but never let to settle and go off - and we're pretty proud of the fineness of the end result. But you don't have to take our word for it - this was sent, unprompted, to Nick (Head of Talent Acquisition) by one of the Regional Managers : 

"I've been out in stores asking about this and I've just spent the day on the phone with all the Coaches - the feedback about the new portal has been amazing. 
Easy to use, better quality candidates coming through and quicker to recruit.  
BOOM.  Well done and thanks, it's making the store level recruiting so much easier."

BOOM indeed.

I'll raise a glass or 3 to that :-D




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