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Never an ugly duckling - but now officially a Cygnet

We've worked with the business that has, for the past few years, been known as Danshell under a couple of different owners - but being able to maintain our affiliation after a recent purchase is particularly exciting. Danshell were recently bought by Cygnet HealthCare, and whilst there was an incumbent ATS, it's fair to say it was... ermmm... be nice Alex... ummm... not as evolved as the facilty we have established exceptionally succesfully for Danshell. 

So with a new look and feel careers site going live, and with not very much notice at all, we got the task of establishing a two tier solution - bringing Danshell's system and associated templates / documentation etc into Cygnet, and providing a facility that would provide an interim step-up for the original Cygnet business. 

Better candidate experience from the off was the primary goal - the Care Sector isn't an easy one to recruit in, and ropey candidate journey is an instant applicant killer - and with that delivered we're now looking forward to working with the team to look at what "full on" looks like across the new structure and, in whatever timeframe is appropriate for the team there (who of course have plenty of change to work through behind the scenes themselves), bring best in class enhanced functionality to bear - not least our award winning OnBoarding expertise (which the ex-Danshell side of the establishment have enjoyed, and continue to, for some time). And with the MI on Time To Hire and Time To OnBoard speaking, nay screaming, for itself when held against the established Cygnet stats, hopefully we'll get the green light to press on with that in the not too distant.      


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