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Renewing & seriously upgrading our affiliation with a seriously smart club

Back in the mists of time we had the opportunity to establish an ATS for the Royal Automibile Club. And at the time we too thought "oh - the guys n gals in orange hi-vis and helping people with car troubles". How wrong we were. This is THE Royal Autombile Club - a private members club founded over 120 years ago and with the most incredible club house in Pall Mall and a countryside club near Epsom, Surrey.

Originally the requirement was for a very rudimentary facility - just something so adverts could be published and applications recieved in an ordered online way. And so it was for quite a number of years. Fast forward to 2019 and this most traditional of clubs has been looking hard at how they do what they do, from the inside out - and recruitment was very much one of the areas to be reviewed. 

We never take continued business for granted and so were chuffed when invited to work with the team to bottom out their updated needs, and ultimately we've now launched a facility that not only has a much improved candidate interface (designed to fit specific requirements of the careers site execution) - which you can see here: royalautomobileclub-jobs.co.uk - but behind the scenes there's a massive upgrade. Improved functionality includes:

- New Hiring Manager interface

- Vacancy Authorisation

- Distinct workflows aligned to different recruitment requirements

- Auto post-interview follow-up and outcome capture

- Distinct Telephone Interview & Assessment Centre Scheduling capability

- RAG flagging of applicants to help ensure timely processing

- Best in class contract & OnBoarding


And the best thing of all - a happy client from day one (all be it day one 2.0 :)


"Big shout out to David who has been utterly amazing – and at times v patient! - and it’s fair to say the whole process has been made easier by him and the guys he’s working with. Really looking forward to the next few weeks and finding all the new shiny stuff!"

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