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Career opportunities in Bristol are taking off - thanks to HARBOUR

Having delivered the first of a 2-phase execution for Bristol Airport at the beginning of the year, a facility that has everything from Vacancy Auth to Contracts & OnBoarding (with some quirky HM review enhancements that kept us on our toes, but fascinating to understand and execute the requirement), we're now releasing the 2nd stage - making the Bristol Airport vacancy site more of a job seeking hub for the variety of employers who are all working cheek by jowl on this diverse a site. 

There are almost 3,000 people working at Bristol Airport from over 50 organisations. Be it Chauffeur to Car Park attendants, Barista's to Baggage Handlers. And if you're someone local looking for a job there then, to put it bluntly, where the heck do you start? Many of the roles that might interest you, you mightn't even know existed. And that's where Phase 2 came in. 

We've now delivered a facility enhancement that is both an ATS lite and a Vacancy Scraping tool - all published through the Bristol Aiport search & apply function and driving traffic or applicants to the most appropriate end-point.

For smaller businesses who mighn't have an ATS of their own, then they're able to login, create an advert and bounce applicants back out to an appropriate email. Simples. For larger organisations, then we're happy to take a feed from their ATS / HRMS or else we have our own proprietary tool that will go hunt down roles that look like they're appropriate for the site and scrape the details, pointing the applicants back to the original vacancy to apply in whatever way is required there. 

For Bristol Aiport it makes sense - optimising the candidate's journey as they seek to optimise their customers.

For the local workforce it's a no brainer - a one stop shop for actual vacancies at an aspirational location.

For Bristol Airport's Business Partners it's clear added value and helps them ensure the best chance of meeting their local staffing needs. 

We like these kinds of outcomes :) 

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