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Christmas wishes - a slight tweak to our approach

We've been through a lot of change over the past 10 years - hey, who or what business doesn't (other than maybe Little Chef) - but we thought that 2018 was as good a time as any to evolve what has become a staple of our approach to festive wish sharing at this time of year. 

That was, in short, rather than sending out gifts and cards and the like, we instead asked clients, partners and suppliers to select which of 3 charities (chosen by the team) they'd like us to give the lion's share of a festive donation to. We'd then count up the responses in January and donate away (each getting several £hundred).  


Well this year we've been pretty moved by the appeal on behalf of Crisis - namely supporting homeless people, in particular through giving them a place to go over the Christmas period. So to that end we've donated direct to them upfront. 

But the message to all who we work for and work with us is pretty traditional and straight to the point. Thank you. We're very grateful for your business and / or your support, and long may our relationship continue and our respective businesses, organisations or charitable causes succeed together. 

We wish you the best over the festive period, and may 2019 be a good 'un for us all. 

Happy Christmas






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