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Where's ya bin?

Why - they're in the corner of the room. LOTS of them. And this week, we have one more to add to the collection. A big bright red one.

Since moving into "our own space" we've tried to be environmentally minded (tell you what, do a geography homework with your 12 year old on environmental impact and you realise what a mess we're truly making of this wonderful planet :-/ ), and from a landlord who insisted on a "it's all just black bags" approach, we do our best to encourage the boys n gals at 3DMC to split our waste down so it stands a chance of being recycled and lessening the impact on the planet. 

Anyway, this week we were cheared to read the news that Walkers were (thanks to some very smart social pressure in our opinion) offering a "recycle your crisp packet" facility - so the very same day we raced out and got 3 dedicated bins for each of the main workspaces in the building so we can hopefully further reduce our negative envirnmental footprint. Looking forward to the first time we get to call on the Walkers courier.


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