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Avalanche of awards

Sometimes you get so swept up in anything you forget to stop and smell the roses (as has been said before by people far more elegantly and worldy wise than I) - well as per my last post (of a few minutes ago) I accept that I'm terrible at getting swept up in the day-to-day and never seemingly even acknowledging the fruits (or indeed blooms) of our efforts, let alone stopping to "smell" them and tell others about the work of which we're all particularly proud - which is pretty crap really. Not just in terms of us telling people what 3D MarComms and HARBOUR is all about, but also for those within the business who work so damned hard in delivering the systems and supporting the wonderful clients we work with.

So let me just spend a little longer on this blog to highlight the recent award winners we've had, because as a company, as well as myself personally, these are things we're very very proud of. This has been the first year we've decided to proactively participate in submitting client work for industry recognition (there was one a few years back that Yell submitted for work we'd done with them that we only found out after the effect had picked up a gong - but hey, we're cool with that, as long as the client's happy then that's all that really counts) and we picked up awards in 3 out of 4 events. 

the Learning Awards : OnBoarding Programme of the Year Awards - Greater Anglia

the RADs : Best Candidate Experience - Greater Anglia

the FIRM awards : Best OnBoarding Experience - Suez


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