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To quote M People : "we're moving on up"

Busy busy busy, with a little side of busy. 

10 year anniversary for us this year,  significant structural change, we've won 3 MASSIVE industry awards, getting onboard with GDPR (you might have heard of that) and we've delivered some pretty cool "stuff" with new and existing clients along the way - so LOADS AND LOADS to tell the world about, but unfortuntaly my blog writing regularity hasn't improved any :-/

Still - time to tell of some pretty momentus news in our corner our world. HARBOUR HQ is on the move.

Not that far at all. We're still rooted in East Anglia, but we're just putting the finishing touches on a move from Heybridge, Maldon to Copford, Colchester. 

This is the 3rd Head Office move (4th if you consider the move from my front bedroom to an actual office in year 2 :) and sees us moving into a place that is all our own. A dedicated space for a dedicated team. 

The new place used to be "naughty boys school"- and I can assure you the irony of this fact isn't lost on me if ever you've met our dev team - but has had an extensive refit from when we first saw it and felt it was a right step for the business. 

Here's the before (the after to come when we're in - promise):


Anyway - we're moving across Friday 7th September and hopefully in and working from there Monday 10th Sepetember, so incase you're a client and have somehow missed the big red text that we've put on the footer of all of our emails, here's the notice so we've done all we can so you know - and we know you know - and you know we know you know :

Office move & potential support disruption : 7th & 10th September
Please be aware that we are moving our main office across the 7th-10th September. We will work to minimise client support impact, but there may be some reduction in responsiveness towards the end of the day on the 7th and as we start up from our new location on the 10th. We will update all clients closer to that date, but we wanted to give as early notice of this as possible. 

So watch this space and I promise promise promise there'll be an update once we're in. You know, usual pictures of smiley people and shiny desks and the like. 

Right - I'm off to write up a new fridge management policy. All glam being MD!



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