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Mixing things up in job seeking

Just incase you're a client and missed the email from us that set this all out - here it is published online :

In case you weren’t aware (maybe you shun social media accounts of the industry’s “loud and proud” and the multiple recruitment sector publishers and news aggregators haven’t got you ensnared in their email lists) …..it’s here!!!!

Anyway – just a very quick update from your HARBOUR chums (and sorry of the circular nature of this – but hey, it’s efficient) as to what we’re doing about this on your behalf.

Basically, exactly what we said we would at last year’s HARBOUR forum which is - now that it’s (finally) broken cover (those Google peeps know a thing or two about building expectation don’t they!) - evaluating what we can see that’s different to our experience of it in the US, and rolling out a job list indexing upgrade across all clients that will make your sites (well – the published jobs there-in) all the more “google friendly” (no promises on positioning I’m afraid – that might need specialist assistance down the line, but we’ll ensure whatever becomes accepted or learned by way of best practise is shared where possible).

Right from day 1, HARBOUR’s execution has always been SEO considered with some great organic search results delivered, but unless you get real specific with your terms then it was always behind a slew of job boards and recruitment consultancies. Apparently GfJ is seeking to change that up – although somewhat curiously they’ve started off by working closely with job boards / large agencies and completely ignoring listings that are otherwise showing in their “traditional” search (see the example screen grabbed below) – but hey, if one thing is true then it’s that Google does move in mysterious ways.

Your Client Partner will keep you updated with progress, but we would envisage being in a place to start rolling out no later than the end of August. Oh – and what will probably be the best bit of this news -  this is all part of our added value service. That’s right. No charge :)

So - watch this space, and hopefully see you at our next forum if not before.

All the best...your friendly HARBOUR team

Just as an example of the curious start of Google for Jobs : “admiral jobs swansea” on google ‘traditional’ has admiraljobs bossing the top of the screen, yet Google for Jobs seems blissfully unaware of the site’s very existence. For the moment anyway. Still – keeps us from getting bored after the fun that was GDPR eh :-}

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