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Update 4: a place to call home. HARBOUR Home

We moved into our new "gaff" about 8 or 9 months ago - and whilst we've been getting on with getting on (you know, working hard to delight clients and keep pushing HARBOUR's functionality all the further forward) it was also important to make home feel like home. And finally we think we're just about there - so please excuse this little moment of indulgant reflection of our journey to date (through the medium of office space memories), but as it happens we're quite proud of our place. Do stop by if you're in the area :)

After being a bedroom start up for a year or so, we moved into a small office above an opticians:


The step up to the ground floor of the Station Road office seemed mentally big at the time - and with just 6 of us rattling around inside we wondered what we'd do with the space.


Fast forward 2 years and the 1 meeting room we'd built was proving far from ideal (many a conference call held in the car park), whilst the "smaller desk" approach was only going to cut it for so long.

So in 2014 we took the plunge and moved down the road to Maldon. Now that really was a scarily big space. What the hell were we thinking??!!

But, after setting ourselves up with the necessaries and getting the essentials plugged in, we turned for some local interior design help, help that knew and got us, and we're very pleased with the results. Just feels, like, well, the home of HARBOUR. HARBOUR HQ. 3DMC Central. Call it what you will - but do call in if you're in the area - there's always coffee on (and a beer in the fridge too, unless one of the less housetrained of us has raided it and not topped up  :-] )

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