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Recfest 2014 - the post mortem

Thursday 12th June saw our very first "marketing style" outing when we took the position of Key Sponsor at the Reconverse RecFest 2014 event. It was a full day in central London with over 100 HR and Recruitment types all gathered to get informed and inspired by a range of speakers. You can find out more about the running order of the event (for the moment at least), here: http://recfest14.wordpress.com/home/  - and yes, one of the speakers was our very own MD, Alex (more on that in a mo). 

We found the event to be very well pulled together and both informative and enjoyable - so if we generate a couple of New Biz leads / potential then it'll surely go down as a great success.

We did hear quite a lot of one of the things we did know, namely "HARBOUR who?" :-]  Our years spent in a kind of self-imposed PR lock down (the complete antithesis to so many of our competitors) hasn't done our industry profile any favors - but at the same time our focus on developing the product and servicing our existing clients (a list of which has grown consistently thanks to our clients actively telling their peers about how happy they are with what we do - almost certainly THE best form of promotion known to business) is something we wouldn't change. So now it's just a question of learning to not be quite so bashful and modest in telling people about some of the brilliant, sometimes truly industry leading, stuff we get up to.

It'll be interesting to continue to find out how attendees found the event, but the feedback to Alex's presentation, titled "Wants, Needs and Pornography", seemed to all be very very positive. 

some of the twitter comments from Recfest during


And whilst SlideShare isn't the best format for viewing a powerpoint that's anything other than bullet points and singular images, we've still popped it up there incase you're intrigued and couldn't make it on the day - but don't hesitate to ask for input if you do have more questions on anything in it, or anything you want to raise a question yourself.

Wants, needs & (Recruitment) P*rnography (presentation given at Recfest 2014) from Alex Hens


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