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RecFest. It's our kind of gig.

When I say that RecFest is our kind of gig, I’m not meaning to be flippant. I’m so bloomin’ excited about this event you wouldn’t believe it. It’s an event with a difference. The team at RecFest would describe it as ‘peer-to-peer’ learning. And I’m happy to go with that. But it’s more than that. Here’s what happens.

You turn up. There are lots of round tables. At each table is an industry expert and then nine other totally talented in-house recruiters. Throughout the day there are a number of key note presentations. Then, as a table, everyone discusses openly and honestly what’s thought about what’s been said. Then the tables mix themselves around for the next keynote – and so the process starts again. Instead of being restricted to either listening or networking attendees get to do it all. The idea being you get the chance to discuss new things and their practical application. To connect. And together, we all learn something in what promises to be an invigorating way of shaking up the status quo. And it’s why we’re its proud key sponsor.

Oh - I’ve also got a slot as one of those keynoters – so it’s nerve-wracking for me. And what will I be talking about? ‘Wants, needs & pornography.’ Intrigued? Good, that’s the idea. It promises to be an inspirational day all round. And hopefully, I’ll get to meet some of you good people there too. So please say hello and tell me what you think. About HARBOUR. My speech. Or life in general. 

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