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One week in at 3D MarComms

Julie joined us this week as an Account Manager. Not quite a week in she was asked to feedback as to what she'd learned so far. This is something she wrote. We loved it and thought it too good to keep to ourselves. Enjoy :_


The story so far......Who is 3D MarComms/HARBOUR?

3D Marcomms was set up a little over 6 years ago by Alex and Tony, frustrated by the inept systems and lack of leeway in recruitment processes. Alex was working in Recruitment Advertising at the time decided to take on world domination and set up on his own with his trusted Technical genius, Tony in tow.

Alex and Tony Versus the world (A bit like pinky and the brain) decided they could create a better product. In comes HARBOUR!

(HARBOUR is a Haven, a holding bay for vessels, seems only natural that HARBOUR took shape from here). So Pinky & the Brain developed an off the shelf version with the ability to add nuts and bolts! 

Success! The model still continues to take shape.... a continual work in progress :) ..... and with a great team behind them, the Marvin the Martian’ s of this world need to be aware that they mean business.

To be continued..........................


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