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It’s not always all about ATS

The great things about working from a very flexible platform is that it allows you to do things that aren’t the every day. Don’t get me wrong – we do this a-plenty for our ATS clients. Conversations that start “I don’t suppose you could…” or “we were wondering if…” often turn into some of our favorite types of conversation, and certainly are the points from which some of HARBOUR’s neatest functionality has come.

However sometimes we’re approached to undertake something that’s patently not recruitment or HR related, and we’ve just launched one such facility.

Credit Unions.

Nope – we weren’t really aware of who they were / what they did either to be honest. But we know now because we’ve built a campaign site to underpin a pretty full on publicity campaign aimed at making Jo Public in Wales aware of who they are and what they do. Fascinating really- and all from a good place.

The solution enables visitors to find out more for themselves, search out a local provider and make an enquiry through the system – and as it’s in Wales then of course it’s delivered gyda gyfleuster newid iaith, yn naturiol.

So check it out here: creditunionsofwales.co.uk

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