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The proof is in the pudding…

And in this case, we’re talking about a nice slice of HARBOUR. Let’s be honest, you all know how we feel about HARBOUR. So when we received an independent report entitled ‘An Evaluation of the Effect of an E-recruitment System on Business Process, Accessibility and Organisational Reputation’, I confess I broke out into a bit of a sweat.  Someone’s probed deep into our system and written about it?! It’s like opening my A level results all again…

Carried out by (the very talented, insightful, intuitive and brilliant) Siobhan Cole from the University of South Wales, she examines the impact HARBOUR has had since its introduction, by probing 30 administrators and 30 new starters as to their opinions on it – which she does through an online survey and focus groups.

And the results? Well blow me down, someone else completely gets HARBOUR as much as we do (phew… deep sigh of relief! Even though we obviously believe in it, it’s always fabulous to have someone else back you up.)

So where to start? So many fantastic things were said about HARBOUR. The administrators praised its ease of use, its accessibility, its ability to save them much-needed time, the fact it reduced the process time, had less room for error and produced very real costs savings.  As for the new starters, well they complimented the search engine functionality, the easy-to-use online application form, the positive impact it made to organisational reputation and the efficiency of communication.

Sure, there were a couple of bits that could be improved on, but we’re talking small things and we like constructive feedback as we always want to do better for our customers. But I have to say the overriding positivity left us all feeling a bit drunk, silly and giddy at the fact that someone appreciated HARBOUR as much as we do. If you’d like to read a bit more about how HARBOUR’s making a difference, I’d gladly share it with you. Just email me at alex@3dmarcomms.com and with the kind permission of Siobhan Cole, I’ll send it over faster than you can say #goharbour



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