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Enough to make you salivate – A site launch for Sculptured Sweetness

We’ve been spending a lot of time of late working on technical development – as you’ll know if you’ve kept an eye on this blog. But all dev and no creative would make 3D MarComms a duller business than we set out to enjoy, so when a friend said she was going to take her cake decorating passion to a more full time basis we thought it would be nice as one fledgling business to help out another. And so from an initial postcard sized flyer we produced www.SculpturedSweetness.co.uk [caption id="attachment_191" align="alignleft" width="756" caption="Sculptured Sweetness - simple, elegant, effective & delicious decorated cakes"]Sculptured Sweetness - simple, elegant, effective & delicious decorated cakes[/caption] So if you’re in the North Essex or South Suffolk area (Chelmsford, Colchester, Braintree Ipswich etc) and are having a party then you wouldn’t go far wrong with a Sculptured Sweetness cake as your centre piece (and yes – I have partaken & as well as visually stunning they taste flippin gorgeous too!). Anyway – the site was built on the HARBOUR® Content Management System (of course) and so there’s a lot of flexibility, particularly useful within the gallery element.  I quite like the “seeking inspiration” mash-up with google images we’ve worked too. To be honest some of the photos don’t really do justice to the quality of craftwork in the cakes – but the beauty of it all being content managed is that as the orders roll in (as I’m sure they will – I know Claire’s been keeping pretty busy with word of mouth anyway) the camera work will only improve and the gallery will become even more impressive and inspirational in itself. And thanks to Dawn Kelly on the design front too – very Kath Kidston :)

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