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To collaborate or stagnate - surely that is the question

Well I certainly think it is the question businesses need to be asking of themselves in these times - when you add the speed of digital progress together with the rising expectations of clients and the cost/uncertainty of investing in expensive specialists to deliver the quality of solution an agency wants to be associated with. So anyway - to raise the point we created the following advert (placed on the recruitment ad industry B2B social networking site www.MyLongLunch.com) that then leads through to a campaign specific landing page that offers (what I feel to be) some insightful video content, from some very bright people, about how the world is becoming one where collaboration is the only way to succeed. There are 3 videos, and I'll say in advane that they're quite long - but go have a peep and if you're interested you could always bookmark them to come back to again sometime, but I hope you find them as interesting (and compelling) as I did. [caption id="attachment_124" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="MPU banner as running on MyLongLunch.com"]MPU banner as running on MyLongLunch.com[/caption]

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