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Virgin Careers Portal finished and live

It's been a busy ole time over the past couple of months for Tony & his techy mates as we built and delivered, in conjunction with our ole buddies at ThirtyThree, a brand new shiny careers section for Virgin Group. So what's it do? What's it do? Well with so many different businesses within the Virgin empire but stunning brand resonance, it was clear to Virgin Management that rather than just offering potential candidates a few pages of written content and pointing them off to careers pages here and there (where they existed), it would make sense to capitalise and enhance the Virgin Employer Brand through actually providing an engaging experience that not only helped people better understand the Group and where they might be best suited looking for opportunities, but also offered a live job search facility. But with a couple of the larger recruiting businesses using i-GRasp for their Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS) and others with no such facility (and one already down the path of going with another ATS provider altogether), the back end solution had to be a little, well, bespoke - just how we like 'em :) ThirtyThree project managed the overall project (no small task with 8 distinct businesses actively involved and various other parties too) and produced the flat design, flash work and content - we pulled that all together with a job search and back end that offered each business a dedicated ATS facility together with taking feeds from the 3 i-GRasp systems to post their roles and direct interested applicants back to their system to apply. There's also a Job Alert facility and Talent Bank resource for Group wide access - and all of this is replicated (to different styling and with some functionality modifications) on the Virgin Intranet. Oh - and it's also all been built on a Virgin Server. So go have a look (click on the image below) - we hope we like what you see and appreciate the smoothness of what you don't ;-)

[caption id="attachment_97" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Virgin Portal external facing home page"]Virgin Portal external facing home page[/caption] And just for the stats nerds amongst you - within less than a full day since launch (with no accompanying fanfare) there have been:

  • 48 click thru's to specific vacancies on businesses running i-GRasp
  • 3 direct applications to the one role posted from a business using this ATS
  • 24 external candidates who have registered their interest with an application to the Talent Bank
Not a bad little start. :D

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