Our People

Dan’s a magic man.
Sam streams all-night for charity.
Bex loves netball and adores being a mum.
Becky hates clay pigeons. Tony lives and breathes code.
Meet some of the people who are HARBOUR

Some of our passionate HARBOURites

The 'HARBOURites' are a collection of technology gurus, project specialists, creative coders and people who have a passion for helping clients move forward with confidence. We’re also climbers, sleuths, guitar collectors and Star Wars fanatics. What binds us together (like the force), is our focus on seeking and solving problems. Our people don’t simply come to work, they come to life.

Becky Lockwood
Support Team Manager

Quick-fire client support at its best

Becky heads up our Support Team, so loves having everything organised and her ducks in a row. She pushes the importance of data driven decision making to every single one of us. And we listen. Because she’s right. And it doesn’t matter that she used to be one of the youngest of our team, having joined as an apprentice – when you’re right you’re right, whatever your age or background. Outside of work, Becky loves clay pigeon shooting - getting her pigeons in a row and shouting ‘pull’.

Dan Ives
Most Handsome Developer

Plenty of tricks up his sleeve

Dan is a magic man and a dungeon master. He’s able to switch from reading clients minds, to developing new work for his users to explore. Some might say the beard is what gives him strength - others say it comes from the Monster at the end of the cold caverns.

Alex Hens
Managing Director

Loves Wales. Adores Rugby.

Alex is a very passionate man. Just ask any of our clients and they will tell you the same. But his passion for all things problem solving is infectious. Outside of work Alex is a proud family man and Welsh Rugby fanatic. His collection of Sam Warburton memorabilia is getting slightly worrying, but he’s also a black belt in karate, so we’ll let him carry on collecting.

Tony McNulty
Chief Technical Officer

Loves tech. Hates shoes.

Tony has a collection of the most wonderful socks ever seen. How do we know this? Simple. He hates wearing shoes in the office. It’s not the worst habit in the world, and we forgive him because his passion for all things technical is second to none.

Sarah Axcell
Chief Client Officer

The Wordsworth of work.

Sarah has a passion for words. Her background in Recruitment Advertising/Employee Communications means she’s a stickler for spelling and grammar. An avid reader in whatever constitutes spare time, Sarah is a hard-working mum, but savours those moments when she can lose herself in a good book. Especially if there’s a cheeky glass of Prosecco within reach. In her client role, her passion for words extends to her passion for work perfection in every way.

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