Our History

Agility and care are the foundations of the business that began in 2008. And they are the bedrock of our ever-evolving business. Over a decade of success, and sometimes the odd ‘hard lesson learned’, have helped us evolve into the business we are today.

In the beginning

Two ambitious people. In two bedrooms. Tony and Alex may have been 100 miles apart when they first started 3D MarComms, but they were completely together in their ambition to build a software business that was as much about problem solving as it was about technology.

Reversing a trend

To us, it was obvious that the ATS market, which we had been working in and around whilst delivering solutions in the Recruitment Advertising space, was approaching things from the wrong direction. Data first and user last was, and still is, something that we believe is fundamentally wrong when you’re dealing with people’s lives. Our ambition was to shift thinking in the ATS market and build a platform that would put passion and care at the heart of data driven decisions.

Software that was hard and fixed

We knew that to break through as a business, we had to break down the barriers of bad software. Clients weren’t getting the best out of their software providers and we knew we had an opportunity to build a business that could cut through the complexity.

A new name

Even though we started as 3D MarComms, we soon realised that it was our ATS at the heart of our business that we should build our reputation on. We gave it a name – HARBOUR. A name that we wanted businesses to see as a safe and calm environment. An antidote to the rough seas of traditional cluttered interfaces.

Early success

From a part-time support contract, we quickly built a loyal following of clients. Graduate support for Heinz and The Environment Agency and campaign support for lastminute.com and Lebara gave us much-needed credibility and confidence. And we’ve never looked back!

Always evolving

From two bedrooms to two offices, Colchester and Cardiff, and from one ATS to a full-service software solutions provider, we always look to evolve what we have, to make our business better. And our clients’ lives easier.

Always daring to care

One thing that will never change is our core belief that in a world driven by data, the human touch can so easily be lost. So, whether it’s capturing and processing applicants, creating OnBoarding journeys that are a great experience, building hiring manager portals, retail specific solutions, contractor management software or travel booking systems, we are always committed to seeking and solving the problems that keep our clients awake at night. We are HARBOUR. We Dare To Care. And you can trust our technology to work smarter and our people to work harder, so you can focus on your candidate generation and experience, adding value to your internal customers and delivering kick-arse trackable results for the business.

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