Our CSR commitment

We believe in a purpose beyond simply profit.
And whether it’s a local initiative or supporting a national charity, our “Dare To Care” approach is very evident at both personal and corporate level.

National and Local Support

We work with several charities where we offer favourable rates. Sense, Lumos, The Dogs Trust, Friends of The Earth and National Star College are close to our heart. We also proudly sponsor several local enterprises including a netball team, a children’s drama group and an annual community music festival.

On a personal level, many HARBOURites are also involved in a range of charities which we encourage and actively support. Recent events have assisted The British Heart Foundation, MacMillan and Walk the Walk.

Our long-established approach at Christmas is also to donate rather than send cards or gifts (so, sorry if you’re a prospective client who likes to have a cheeky bottle of something to say thanks for your business – we say thanks in other ways, and across the entire year).

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